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Dharani Portal one stop solution for all land records: Telangana Govt – Subhagruha.com

Dharani Portal one stop solution for all land records: Telangana Govt – Subhagruha.com

22nd May, 2022

Dharani portal is going to serve as a one-stop solution for all sorts of land matters including registration and mutation. It is gonna work towards eradicating corruption in revenue and registration offices. 

The vision of Telangana’s chief minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao to make Dharani one-stop for all land matters is going to bring a lot of transparency in the process of maintaining digital records for private properties in Telangana. Dharani portal will put an end to the fraud and corruption in registration offices and numerous land disputes. 

Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao further explained the features and benefits of Dharani Portal while he was speaking about the new revenue act of 2020. The chief minister said that the portal is going to serve as a one-stop solution for all issues related to land properties. 

Responding to the direction of the high court, chief secretary Somesh Kumar said that the main objective for creating an archive of digital records of the private properties in Telangana is to integrating all of the records in one place instead of having them in panchayats, municipal bodies, etc which has lead to a lot of corruption and fraud at such offices. 

In the court, the chief secretary that the Dharani portal will ensure seamless transactions for partition, registration as well as succession. The CS also mentioned Dharani to provide hassle-free and instant mutation of the properties. 

Dharani Portal

By saying all of this, the chief secretary was responding to the questions raised by the advocate Gopal Sharma who raised the question about the validity and legal basis of Dharani in his PIL. The chief secretary said that Dharani is a single and simple solution to all issues related to land properties. 

Maintaining a separate law for Dharani is not really necessary as the government is not doing anything new. The chief secretary said that they have brought the necessary amendments to the Panchayat Raj Act, the Municipalities Act, and the GHMC Act in order to cover non-agricultural land and agricultural land. 

“We have also repealed the old Telangana Rights in Land and Pattadar Passbooks Act of 1971 and brought in Pattadar Passbooks Act, 2020. This legal basis is enough and no new law is required” he said. 

Furthermore, the CS said that the constitution has given protection to the right to property through the 300-A he went on to say that Dharani aims towards strengthening this in a very foolproof manner. 

“Owners themselves can enter the details through MeeSeva centres and aggrieved persons will always have the option of approaching civil courts if there are any disputes,” he said. 

He also said that the registration of the property is especially linked to ownership so only the owner of the property will be able to transact or sell the property with an end-to-end secure portal which will also integrate mutation as well as registration. 

Dharani only allows the rightful and original owners to transact, he said sub-registrars was removed in the new system.

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