LRS is a new initiative from the government of Telangana

What is LRS? its benefits, and disadvantages – Subhagruha.com

What is LRS? its benefits, and disadvantages – Subhagruha.com

22nd May, 2022

If you didn’t know what LRS is, it is a Layout registration scheme brought into effect by the government of Telangana. It is coming out with a ‘Telangana Regularization of Unapproved and Illegal Layout Rules, 2020’ as well which is applicable for both the rural and urban areas of the state. 

LRS will be applicable for all the layouts and ventures where the land has been sold via a registered sale deed or an unauthorized layout development. It will also be applicable for all of the existing subdivision of plots that are not approved. 

None of the illegal and unauthorized plots will be permitted under the layout registration scheme. Somesh Kumar, the chief secretary issued orders which stated that there were a ton of unapproved and unauthorized layouts that were putting extra pressure on the local bodies. And the government has made rules really strict about the registration of plots of the unapproved or illegal layouts. 

Arvind Kumar on Twitter: "#Telangana Land Regularisation Scheme (LRS) for  43 newly created municipalities (ULBs) & additonally, for all newly merged  villages in 46 ULBs. Scheme open for 90 days wef Oct

What is LRS? 

There is no single line answer for this question but let’s take a look at all of the aspects in a simple way. LRS is needed and executed to deal with the construction proceedings in the municipal area. It basically favors the regulation of illegal construction after getting confirmed by the local bodies. Various local bodies like Municipal Corporation, Urban Development Authority, Director of Town and Country planning work towards the approval of these layouts. 

Basically, LRS 2020 is related to the regulation of illegal or unapproved layout which is entitled to the permit for building from the competent authority. Simply speaking, the layout registration scheme legalizes the construction work in these areas and helps avoid unnecessary penalties and the scheme plays a very important role in the regulation of approvals. 

LRS guidelines 

The guidelines under conversion charges go this way, in case there is a 10 percent deficiency in the open space of the unapproved layout, you will be charged with a penalty equal to 14% of the value of the total plot along with the conversion charge. You can either make the payment at a time or through the installment manner within the given period of time. 

Another thing you should keep in mind is that if the regulation process fails by any chance, you won’t get relaxation on the fee which is a little concerning. Now that we have a good amount of stuff covered, let’s get into the benefits and disadvantages of LRS. 

Benefits of LRS

A few of the benefits of LRS are mentioned below, take a look. 

  • LRS does a really good job in regularizing land and plot and also simplifies the application process of it. 
  • Has a really easy process for registering and applying for LRS. 
  • The methods for regularization are transparent and easy.
  • It makes the process of approval for the layout fast which gives timely delivery. 


The only thing that lies in the downsides section is the fact that you won’t get relaxation on your fees if the regulation process fails. It’s not technically a disadvantage of LRS but one of its implementation. 

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